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Fine Motor Kit

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About PreKindie Mindset

PreKindie Mindset is a Black-owned business that creates educational resource kits for ages 2-6 years. The company was founded in 2020 by Dazhane Clark, an early childhood professional with 7 years of experience. We offer kits that cover many skills that are vital for children's development in their early, most detrimental, years. 

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Customer Reviews

My son loves these activities! Best idea ever!

Tatiana S.

The activities in the Fine Motor Kit are so engaging, I've seen improvement in my daughter's fine motor skills within just 2 weeks!

Rita L.

This was such an awesome idea to create a business based around educational kits for young children, it's always so hard for us to find ready-made activities for our 2 year old and now we've found them!

Donald C.